Stacks and Yolks x Fit club

Get yolk'd.

In this project we were task of creating a promo video that combines all 3 businesses which is Stacks and Yolks, Fit Club and Jay Cutler’s “Cutler Nutrition” supplement brand. We packed light on this video shoot, we brought our GH5 camera with 16mm prime lens, Zhiyun crane plus for the stabilizer and a Yongnuo sword light. Also we brought extra batteries and memory cards which are always essential for any job. We started the day early at Fitclub and did some B-Roll of the Cutler Nutrition product, then we had some work out scenes with Jay Cutler. Afterwards we went straight to the Stacks and Yolks restaurant to feature the good food they serve. The whole video all in all shows that you can start your day at the gym and use the supplement to power your work out. Then head over to Stacks and Yolks for a delicious meal and to get those gains.


6671 Las Vegas Blvd South
Bldg D, Suite 210
Las Vegas, NV, 89119


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